Headway is a charity that supports people with brain injuries. With National Lottery Hertiage Funding, they created the project IMPACT! WWI and Brain Injuries. A research group, made up completely of people with brain injuries, researched case studies of Cambridge soldiers, uncovering their stories of their life-changing brain injuries in the war. My role was working with this client group to distill their research into bus poster designs, which aim to raise awareness of the project. I also created a book which documents the project, and which is now held in Cambridgeshire libraries, serving as a legacy to the project. To create the image I built a set out of paper, wire and wood, which I then photographed to create the final images. Find out more > https://www.headway-cambs.org.uk/what-we-do/impact
above, top, the interior 'passenger panel' displayed inside the bus, bottom left, on display on Cambridge buses in June 2019, bottom right, the exterior bus poster design // arriba, el 'panel de pasajeros' interior que se muestra dentro del autobús, abajo a la izquierda, se exhibe en los autobuses de Cambridge en junio de 2019, abajo a la derecha, el diseño del cartel exterior del autobús
above, images of the set // arriba, imagenes de la maqueta
the book created to document the project // el libro creado para documentar el proyecto
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